Boat Designs

I design my kayaks with the realization that the most important aspect of any kayak is how it performs on the waters of its intended destination. Whether it is the mirrored surface of a secluded lake as the mist rises at dawn, or the wild chop off an exposed headland heralding an approaching storm the craft must be designed appropriately for the conditions. From that basis the design is free to diverge. There is room within the constraints of performance for a full expression of the individuality of the craftsman.

My kayak designs are distinguished from the run-of-the-mill, mass-produced boat by their sensuous, graceful lines that mimic the flow of the waters of their natural environment. I have drawn inspiration from the fascinating original designs of the Inuit and Aleut peoples of the far north who originally crafted the first kayaks out of wood, seal skin and bone. From their starting point I have evolved my designs to take advantage of the unique properties and capabilities of modern materials and boat building techniques. The person who wishes to acquire one of my distinctive kayaks understands the skill and care required to produce a fine, hand crafted object and appreciates the value and quality this expertise imparts in the finished kayak.

I have a wide variety of unique and distinctive kayaks to choose from in my design catalog. Custom boats can be built to one of my currently existing designs or if you want a truly one-of-a-kind craft, I can modify an existing design or create an original design to meet your approval. While some owners may choose to rarely or never put their boats in the water, I feel that the appropriate design to must reflect the standards required to perform well in the harshest conditions.